Full-Service Tick Control and Prevention

Yes, We Get Rid of Ticks Too!

Mosquito Authority also provides full-service tick removal for area homes. Like our mosquito treatments, we ensure a tick-free home and yard through a well-defined process, superior products, and unbeatable customer service:

  • No ticks! Guaranteed! It’s that simple. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll gladly refund your money.
  • No contracts or commitments, and you can cancel anytime.

Our Tick Removal Process


We are usually able to determine the problem on our initial call with you with just a few simple questions.


Next, we’ll select the best treatment option for you based on your unique needs.


Experienced Mosquito Authority professionals use superior materials and a proven process to eradicate ticks in every form.


Call or email us if ticks come back to your property, then we’ll be back too!

Protect your Family—and Your Furry Friends, Too!

By removing ticks from your property, Mosquito Authority helps you remove a constant threat to your family’s health and comfort. In addition to Lyme disease, ticks can transmit serious viruses including Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia. Plus, ticks cause and exacerbate skin irritation in both humans and animals—which can lead to itching and infection.

Learn more about the risks of tick bites when you contact Mosquito Authority LocationX today.

How to Prevent Future Tick Infestation

Frequent mowing plus brush, weeds, and tree line control.

Keeping your yard neat and trimmed helps eliminate easy places for ticks to hide and breed outside your home.

Regular fence maintenance and wood collection.

Barriers prevent unwelcome deer, raccoons, and other larger animals that may carry ticks from entering your property, while a neat wood stack discourages rodent nests.

Strategic deck, patio, and playground planning around waste areas.

Placing trash and recycling away from the fence line or tree line helps ward off critters. Patios and playgrounds should also be kept away from trees to avoid becoming shady breeding grounds for ticks.