No Contracts.
No Commitments.
No Mosquitoes. GUARANTEED.

At Mosquito Authority, we’re dedicated to keeping you and your family safe and comfortable outdoors. That’s why we developed our proven mosquito and tick control treatment for homes, yards, businesses, special events and more—so you can fully enjoy life’s adventures.

Mosquito Control Service in LocationX

Mosquito Authority’s mission is to protect you and your family from mosquitoes and the diseases they carry in LocationX, LocationX, LocationX, and surrounding areas.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our treatments are so effective, we can guarantee that you won’t be bothered by mosquitoes on your property. While no service can eliminate mosquitoes in your area, Mosquito Authority ensures you won’t be swatting away these pests between treatments.

Still seeing mosquitoes following treatment? Just call us back and we’ll send a dedicated Mosquito Authority professional to re-treat your yard as soon as possible—and free of charge!

No Contracts. No Commitments.
No Mosquitoes. GUARANTEED.

Our #1 priority is your mosquito-free property. That’s why we offer full-service, ongoing mosquito control without restrictive contracts, cancellation policies, or fees.

While other companies lock you into an annual contract before you can even learn if their service works, Mosquito Authority backs their treatment with a flexible policy that allows you to cancel any time. For any reason, and at any time, you can stop your services without penalty.

Plus, only Mosquito Authority helps you make a fully informed decision before starting service. We provide each potential client with a complete written description of our treatment process, products, and costs. Our professionals know an informed customer is a satisfied one.


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Full-Service Mosquito Control for Your Home

Our goal is to help you make the most of outdoor summer fun for you and your family. Mosquito Authority professionals are experienced in protecting area yards of all kinds—including those near standing water, rivers and creeks, and dense woods. Whether your home is prone to severe mosquito infestation or you’re just looking for preventive measures, Mosquito Authority can create a customized treatment plan that’s right for you.

Get started today when you contact us to schedule your comprehensive at-home consultation, and let our team take it from there. You’ll be enjoying your new mosquito-free yard sooner than you think with our proven process—or your money back!

Our 4-step Process

Only Mosquito Authority offers unbeatable mosquito treatment with customer care at every step. Our well-defined process allows us to improve your area with lasting, customized solutions—for homes, businesses, and special outdoor events. Plus, Mosquito Authority professionals are experienced in every type of outdoor space and treatment to keep the process hassle-free for you from start to finish.

Step 1 Consultation.

You can get started with an initial phone call to help us assess the situation. Our tick and mosquito experts are trained to identify issues with a few simple questions to create the right plan for you.

Step 2 Inspection.

From there, a certified mosquito control specialist performs a comprehensive inspection of the area. They’ll customize treatment for your property designed to keep pests away for good.

Step 3 Treatment.

Our mosquito and tick control treatments are multi-step and comprehensive—and performed with safe, effective materials. Plus, we identify and spray mosquito habitats first, so you can experience a mosquito-free yard almost immediately.

Step 4 Follow-Up.

The Mosquito Authority mosquito-free guarantee is exactly what it sounds like, meaning we’ll be back at no additional charge if you require further treatment.

Our Special Event & Commercial Mosquito Treatments

Special Event Treatment

Don’t let pests ruin your big day, either! Mosquito Authority can help make sure your special outdoor event runs smoothly with proven, all-day treatment. For any event from weddings to children’s birthday parties to cookouts and festivals, we can ensure a mosquito-free good time with only 48 hours’ notice! Learn more about how you can keep your guests comfortable from beginning to end with one-day special event treatment by Mosquito Authority.

Commercial Services

We offer comprehensive mosquito prevention for indoor and outdoor areas within wedding and event venues, restaurants, hotels, breweries and wineries, playgrounds—or any place mosquitos aren’t welcome. Our commercial process is designed to protect your customers so you can focus on service and they can focus on fun! Plus, mosquito control for your business is still backed by our no-commitment guarantee.

Questions? Call us

We Also Provide Tick Control for your Home and Lawn!

Mosquito Authority serves your area with tick removal, too. We use the same comprehensive 4-step process to identify, treat, and maintain your property—all backed by our tick-free guarantee! Plus, our tick control treatments are available with no contracts or commitments, and can be performed alongside existing mosquito treatment.

Get started today when you contact us to schedule your comprehensive at-home consultation, and let our team take it from there. You’ll be enjoying your new mosquito-free yard sooner than you think with our proven process—or your money back!

Mosquitoes Don't Just Make You Itch.

More than just a nuisance, mosquito bites transmit diseases that kill more people each year than any other single factor. They transmit 28 diseases including west nile, malaria, encephalitis and zika virus. But most commonly, they irritate human and animal skin, and often with long-term discomfort.

There’s a reason they’re called pests, and Mosquito Authority is dedicated to removing them from your home, business, and special outdoor events. Call or email us today to get started and our team will take it from there with customized, hassle-free mosquito elimination every time.

There are 3000

species of mosquitoes.

176 of those are present in the United States

Mosquitoes transmit

28 diseases

including West Nile, Encephalitis, Dengue, & Malaria.

Mosquito-borne diseases

kill more people each year

worldwide than any other single factor


"Superior customer service and love our mosquito-free yard. It makes life with 3 kids so much easier and every little bit helps!"

Rochelle R.

"It's been a tough season with all the rain, but our mosquito numbers are way down. It allows us to enjoy our back deck and yard without getting eaten alive!"

Nicole K.

"Mosquitoes are the worst. We appreciate Mosquito Authority for sure. Mosquito Authority has great customer service. They are very responsive to any concerns or needs. We also use them for general pest control and it's been great. Would absolutely recommend."

Steph S.

"Mosquito Authority is reliable and as they say “we have no mosquitoes here”. We’ve used the service for 4 years now and have enjoyed our beautiful back yard all summer long. We highly recommend the service."

Cathryn L.

"Excellent job at keeping my outdoor living area mosquito-free for two years now! Additionally, their customer service is superior! If any mosquitoes are around after a treatment, they will come back out and promptly re-treat for free. I will definitely use the Mosquito Authority service next season as well!"

Zanah K.

"We are very pleased with the Mosquito Authority. They let us know when they are coming and are very nice. It is also not to have to fight mosquitoes when we want to go out or come in the house. Also the people are very nice and friendly and know what they are doing."

Judy Z.

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